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  • Be sure to read Captain Bobby Rice's column in On The Water magazine this season! See why we are the Reel Deal in the Outer Cape section of Insider's Columns.
  • 10/15/15: Reel Deal picks up a big bluefin tuna on an otherwise slow day and gains recognition in the weekly On The Water Fishing Report!
  • 10/8/15: The seas calm down after a few days of heavy wind and Reel Deal is back with great fishing results off Cape Cod as noted in the On The Water fishing report!
  • 10/1/15: Check out Captain Bobby Rice's recent blog for Goose Hummock Shops about this Fall's epic tuna bite!
  • 10/1/15: News of Captain Bobby Rice's awesome tuna fishing trip on his Dad's birthday makes it into On The Water's fishing report!
  • 9/24/15: Mention of Captain Bobby Rice's thresher shark makes it into this week's On The Water fishing report!
  • 9/23/15: Reel Deal II pictured in this recent article about targeting big bluefin tuna on spinning gear!
  • 9/8/15:Captain Bobby Rice is named in SPORTFISHING magazine's top CHARTER CAPTAIN of the YEAR for 2015! A big THANK YOU to all who voted!
  • 7/9/15: On The Water's Cape Cod Fishing Report notes that Reel Deal Fishing Charters is on the striped bass bite!
  • 6/18/15: Reel Deal's awesome topwater striped bass bite video is posted by On The Water magazine!
  • 6/11/15: Captain Bobby Rice receives mention again in On The Water's Cape Cod Fishing Report!
  • 6/8/15: Captain Bobby Rice's Reel Deal Fishing Charters receives mention in Henry Gilbey's recent blog So You Want to Go Fish for Striped Bass in Cape Cod.
  • 6/1/15: Fishing blog post Cape Cod: I Can Feel Another Love Affair Starting mentions striped bass fishing with Captain Bobby Rice and Reel Deal!
  • 5/28/15: Reel Deal Fishing Charters and Captain Bobby Rice lead the On The Water fishing report with this big striped bass caught off Cape Cod!
  • 11/14/14: Check out some of On THe Water's video of Captain Bobby Rice battling a giant tuna on spinning gear!
  • On The Water's fishing report includes their recent fishing trips aboard Reel Deal II catching bluefin tuna on spinning gear with Captain Bobby Rice! 11/13/14
  • Strategic Angler frantic series picks up this tuna aboard Reel Deal as mentioned in the recent On The Water Fishing Report 11/6/14
  • Yahoo's GrindTV posts the recent record giant bluefin tuna landed on spinning gear off Cape Cod by Captains Bobby Rice and Dom Petrarca! 10/16/14
  • Fox News also reports on the record giant tuna landed by Captain Bobby Rice off Cape Cod weighing in at 423-lbs! Watch the news coverage. 10/13/14
  • Captain Bobby Rice's record giant tuna on a spinning reel off Cape Cod is featured in the Cape Cod Times! Also reported at the Cape Cod Daily 10/13/14
  • On The Water posts record giant tuna on spinning gear off Cape Cod for Reel Deal! 10/10/14
  • On The Water's fishing report notes Bobby Rice's recent success on the tuna grounds! 9/4/14
  • Thank you to everyone who voted Reel Deal as Cape Cod's Best Fishing Charter for 2014! 9/2/14
  • Reel Deal is in this week's On The Water Fishing Report for the Outer Cape and Cape Cod Bay!
  • 9/4/14
  • Captain Bobby Rice earns recognition in this week's On The Water Fishing Report! 8/8/14
  • Reel Deal is the Boston Globe's top-rated Cape Cod fishing charter! 7/25/14
  • Reel Deal is featured in On The Water's Cape Cod fishing report! 5/19/2014
  • Captain Bobby Rice is featured in SPORTFISHING magazine's October article on Cape Cod Bluefin Tuna Fishing!
  • Thank you to everyone who voted Reel Deal as Cape Cod's Best Fishing Charter for 2013!
  • Check out our recent fishing article published on the Goose Hummock site.
  • Be sure to see the photos from Captain Bobby Rice's September tuna fishing trip with SPORT FISHING magazine!
  • Look for the cover of On The Water magazine's December edition! Featuring Captain Bobby Rice getting bent with Cape Cod bluefin tuna fishing.
  • Check out Captain Bobby Rice featured in the Cortland banner in this video clip from ICAST 2011!
  • This unbelievable striped bass feeding frenzy was captured with an underwater camera by Capt. Bobby Rice of Reel Deal charters. This action was filmed right next to the boat in the waters of the Outer Cape, where striped bass up to 30 pounds were feeding on schools of small sea herring. On The Water, 6/8/11
  • Finally, cod season opened on the 16th but the wind has been ruthless. A few boats were able to hit the cod grounds off Stellwagen when the wind let up on Tuesday. Capt Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Fishing Charters found cod in waters from 115 to 300 feet, with bigger fish in the deeper waters. Big tides necessitated the use of heavy 21-ounce jigs, but slower tides should allow for lighter jigs this week. Bobby reported tons of sand eels and herring on the Bank, along with plenty of whales, including hundreds of endangered right whales just off Provincetown. Boaters should beware, slow down, post a lookout, and heed the federal law that prevents any vessels from getting within 500 yards of the creatures. On The Water Fishing Forecast, 4/22/2011
  • Captain Bobby Rice is named to the Top 40 Business Leaders Under 40 in recognition of his dedication and leadership exhibited in the charter fishing industry. Cape & Plymouth Business, 3/31/2011
  • Saltwater fishing is still good and freshwater fishing is excellent. OTW TV joined Captain Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Charters on Stellwagen Bank this past Wednesday with yours truly being commissioned to work a video camera instead of a fishing rod. With tuna breaking all around the boat, I had to ignore every instinct to toss the camera overboard, but common sense prevailed (or was ignored, I'm still deciding which). The lucky anglers hooked a total of 6 tuna on jigs, landing 4, including a 74-inch giant that Captain Bobby Rice bested after an unassisted hour-and-a-half battle! On The Water Fishing Forecast, 11/04/2010
  • On Stellwagen Bank, tuna fishing is a much different story. On The Water editor Kevin Blinkoff joined Ron Poirier of RonZ Lures and Craig Cantelmo of Van Staal aboard Captain Bobby Rice's boat, Reel Deal this past Monday. The four-pack found hungry tuna, hooking 11 and getting 5 to the boat. Jigging was the ticket with RonZs being the hot bait. Fish fell between the recreation slot and commercial minimum size of 73 inches, so all were released. On The Water Fishing Forecast, 10/28/2010
  • The bright spot on the fishing scene is bluefin tuna. Over the past week we have seen catches ranging from Leo Rose's 400-pounder to Bobby Rice's 500-pounder... Provincetown Banner, 10/7/2010
  • Reel Deal is now on the Cortland Pro Staff! Ask Captain Bobby Rice for recommendations of their braided line products.
  • Cape Cod Fishing and Reel Deal featured in the Spring 2010 edition of Amtrak's ARRIVE magazine! "Offshore, stripers, bluefish and big bluefin tuna thrive, and whale and porpoise sightings are a common bonus. Excellent charters are available up and down the Cape, including Reel Deal from Truro." Cape Cod is the premier East coast fishing destination so buy your ticket and book your fishing charter today!
  • Reel Deal wins the 2010 Build a Better Mousetrap Award in recognition as one of Cape Cod's most successful new businesses. "Reel Deal Fishing Charters of Truro offers half-day and full-day fishing charters for striped bass and blues, bluefin tuna and cod aboard our well-equipped center console SeaCraft boats that were designed for fishing. Launching daily (April through October) from Pamet Harbor, we welcome anglers of all ages and skill levels. We offer a range of fishing techniques using top quality Fin-nor and Quantum fishing gear to quickly adapt to the conditions, currents, and how the fish have been biting. To what do you attribute your lasting success? Reel Deal has become one of the most successful fishing charter businesses on Cape Cod due to our dedication to our customers and love for what we do. Captain Bobby Rice is gifted with an impressive native ability in the sport of fishing combined with the desire to make sure that all anglers aboard Reel Deal have a safe and enjoyable time on the water." Cape & Plymouth Business, May 2010
  • NECN's Cape Cod A-List announces Reel Deal Fishing Charters is Cape Cod's BEST FISHING CHARTER. Thank you to all who voted us into first place!
  • "Tuna continues to be hot and heavy most days. Capt. Bobby Rice from Reel Deal Charters in Truro had a great day last week, a couple keeper tuna in the boat along with the three fish on at the same time, some great action." Provincetown Banner, 10/8/2009
  • Brides Boston Magazine recommends Reel Deal Fishing Charters for your next bachelor party! Available on stands now, be sure to review the Groom & Guests section of the Brides Boston Fall/Winter issue. 10/1/2008
  • "Tuna, especially the schoolies, kicked into high gear last week. Bobby Rice on Reel Deal Charters had multiple catches of fish up to 60 inches long, most over a hundred pounds. Drifting live bait was the trick for the tuna, and his customers went crazy when suddenly the bait would leap out of the water, followed by an aggressive hit by the tuna!" Provincetown Banner, 9/25/2008
  • "Ben, J.J. and A.J. Loschinsky of Portsmouth, R.I. show off their striper caught on the Reel Deal. [See event photos]" Provincetown Banner, 6/12/2008
  • "But the best producer this past week, especially with the boats participating in the Free Fishing Trips for Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan event held this past Sunday on MacMillan Pier, was the use of sluggos, tsunami shads, and Ron Z rubber on spinning gear. The captains found some huge schools of bass high in the water column, slapping their tails, about a mile or two off Pamet Harbor in Truro, and got the vets and their families some real nice keepers ranging in size from 14 to 23 pounds. Provincetown Banner, 6/12/2008
  • Reel Deal participated in the FREE FISHING CHARTERS for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans on Sunday, June 8th at MacMillan Pier in Provincetown. Learn more about this great event!
  • "This week I would like to publicly thank the charter boat captains, for without them this [Fishing Trip for Vets] would not be possible. ... Capt. Bobby Rice, Jr, Reel Deal Charters..." Provincetown Banner, 6/05/2008
  • Reel Deal is now a member of the Mercury Marine Pro Staff!
  • "The schoolie tuna action this past week seemed to be the same way - sporadic. One day I would hear ... Reel Deal continually saying "we're tight", and the next day they would track them down, only to find out the fish had lock-jaw. ... Reel Deal had a heartbreaker the other day when they had a schoolie [tuna] on for over two hours on 20-pound test spinning gear, only to lose it right at the boat. Bottom line is they are in abundance ..." Provincetown Banner, 9/20/2007
  • "The hot fishery right now has to be the schoolie bluefin tuna. Trolling either spreader bars with squids, or daisy chains, anywhere from 30 to 100 feet behind the boat, has resulted in a large number of hook-ups for both the recreational anglers as well as the charter boats. The fish range in size from about 40 up to 150 pounds, with a lot of that nice edible meat. If you go on your own boat, remember to get a Federal Tuna Permit at If you don't have a boat, ... Reel Deal Charters [out of Truro] is having great success." Provincetown Banner, 8/30/2007
  • Reel Deal striper trip is On The Water's Photo of the Week (Cape Trip 2007 408.jpg) for July 12th!
  • Reel Deal is now a member of the RONZ Pro Staff!

Bluefin Tuna! Incredible STRIPER & BLUEFIN TUNA action!

"Bobby Rice of Reel Deal Charters had a great week as well, and had an estimated 40-pound-plus striped bass hooked which actually escaped by pulling so hard it straightened an 8/0 (large) hook right out. Bobby wasn't satisified with just bass this past week, and headed out to Stellwagen for some bluefin tuna where he described the weekend action as "stellar". Trolling squid rigs, they landed multiple bluefin tuna over 100 pounds on stand-up gear, so if tuna is your gig give Bobby a call." Provincetown Banner, 6/14/2007

Also mentioned in the June 14th On the Water fishing forecast!

  • "Striper boat fishing is still paying off. ... The other major producing area as of this writing has been Wood End. Beth Ann charters had a few successful charters there this past Friday in high winds, as did Bobby Rice with his Reel Deal charters." Provincetown Banner, 8/3/2006
  • "Bobby Rice, from Reel Deal Charters, also found some good bass. After not getting a lot at some of his normal spots and depths, Bobby changed it up a bit and went into deeper water. The tactic paid off and they limited out on keeper bass." Provincetown Banner, 6/8/2006

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