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    • RONZ Baits
    • Reel Deal loves RONZ baits. This is a staple of Bobby's tackle collection which he has used to land many stripers and bluefin tuna, including multiple 200-lb+ tuna on spinning setups with the silver RONZ soft bait!
    • Van Staal
    • Captain Bobby recently began using the Van Staal VSB250 for spinning bluefin tuna action. He'll let you know how they perform!
    • Cortland Line
    • Spliceable braid line is a key component of your tuna fishing tackle and we highly recommend Cortland as the easiest line to splice on the market.
    • Guides Secret
    • Guides Secret offers an excellent line of lures for striped bass fishing as well as bluefin tuna fishing. A few of Captain Bobby Rice's favorites include the Striper Slider and M-80 Popper in Bunker or Yellow.
    • Gibbs Lures
    • Hand Crafted in the USA Gibbs Lures carries on the tradition of creating plugs from wood and other natural components despite the heavy competitive pressure from plastic manufacturers. We look forward to supporting this local company, stay tuned for Captain Bobby's list of favorites!
    • Daddy Mac Lures
    • Daddy Mac Lures offers some awesome looking jigs for striped bass and bluefin tuna. Captain Bobby Rice looks forward to fishing these lures even more in the 2013 fishing season.
    • Mercury Marine
    • We highly recommend Mercury engines! The Optimax are not only incredibly reliable, they also provide outstanding fuel economy. If you are looking at new boats or at a repower, we strongly recommend you give Mercury Marine a close look, you won't be disappointed!
    • Quantum
    • Reel Deal is fishing at a Quantum level! Be sure to ask Captain Bobby Rice for recommendations on Quantum reels.
    • Fin-Nor
    • Fin-Nor Offshore is how we land our tuna on spinning gear. The latest rod and reel combinations they have to offer are highly recommended.

    Boats & Marinas

    • G & S Marine
    • G & S Marine keeps Reel Deal running. This is by far the best marine center with which we have ever done business. From boat and engine sales to maintenance and repair, quality and customer service is their priority!
    • SeaCraft
    • No surprise here. Captain Bobby has come to depend time and again on his center console SeaCraft, which has proven to be one of the better riding boats on the water. Rough seas? No problem for this deep V design that has been proven through the years.

    Bait & Tackle Shops

    • Blackbeard's Bait & Tackle
    • Paul will help you out with all your fishing needs from tackle to bait to good tips! Located at 4550 State Highway in Eastham, 508-240-3369.
    • Goose Hummock Shops
    • This shop features an impressive collection of gear and tackle for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Be sure to stop by for almost any need including reel maintenance and repair. Also offers kayak rentals!
    • Cape Fisherman's Supply
    • Cape Fisherman's Supply has commercial and sport fishing gear, marine equipment, parts and navigational aids from ground tackle to bottom paint and charts; fishing, lobstering and shellfishing gear; safety equipment, clothing and an 800 page catalogue for boaters and fishermen alike.
    • Falmouth Bait & Tackle
    • This place always seems to be open when we are in dire need for live eels! A long haul from Truro, but if you are on the Upper Cape be sure to give them a visit. Located at 258R Teaticket Highway in Falmouth, 508-457-0700.

    Favorite Gear

    • H Bomb Tackle
    • Locally engineered and crafted be sure to check out the offerings from H Bomb Tackle Company located right here on Cape Cod!
    • STORMR Fishing Apparel
    • STORMR makes the rugged gear that offshore Cape Cod fisherman rely on for high performance and comfort on those hearty offshore fishing trips. Captain Bobby Rice highly recommends the UV shield shirts and jackets - be sure to check out their gloves too!
    • Fish Bandit Clothing
    • Fun collection of angler's clothing with a variety of graphics and mottos available. Great gifts for your favorite fisher-person!
    • Grunden's
    • The Weather Watch packable pants are proving to be excellent for off-season offshore fishing on Cape Cod. Waterproof, lightweight, and heavy duty these pants are well designed with an adjustable belt and cargo pocket.
    • Cranberry Signcraft
    • Ok, while this isn't exactly "gear", we HAVE to mention Cranberry Signcraft. The Reel Deal hauling machine (our beloved Ford F350) was recently lettered here and the results were outstanding! If you are looking for any sort of decals and/or lettering for your vehicle or boat be sure to call Karen. Not only is she great help with design, her finish product is amazing. You will know which one is the Reel Deal in the Pamet Harbor parking lot!

    Permits & Regulations

    Bobby kept telling everyone to "call Elena" whenever they needed to know a fishing permit or regulation website. Well, here they are! I will do my best to keep this up to date as the fishing regulations keep changing.
    • Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Find all the recreational and commercial fishing regulations for Massachusetts. This site also keeps a running total for the commercial fishing quotas, although sometimes we have found these totals to be underestimated when initally reported.
    • eTrips Login Page Convenience link for commercial fisherman (and myself) to access Massachusett's electronic trip-level reporting.
    • Daily New England Fishing Auction Prices Review the daily auction prices for many species including cod, haddock, striped bass, blues, and cod.
    • Tuna Permits Buy Atlantic tunas permits or report landings. Note that charter passengers are not required to buy this permit or report landings as that is the responsibility of the Captain.
    • NOAA Fisheries Service Northeast Regional Office This site is pretty dense, but if you put in the time you will probably find the fishing regulation you are looking for. There is a great cheatsheet for the Northeast multi-species groundfish closures.


    • On The Water's Striper Cup On The Water brings you a 5-month, season-long tournament designed to bring the entire Northeast fishing community together to celebrate the most beloved sport fish in the region, the striped bass.


    • Cape Cod Boater's Co-op We are a membership only organization founded on the principle that pleasure boating should be fun, affordable, and hassle free. It is our goal to provide members with discounted parts, supplies and services at significant savings.
    • IGFA The International Game Fish Association is a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making and record keeping.

    Fishing Forums

    • The Hull Truth THE HULL TRUTH is the world's largest FREE network for the discussion of Boating & Fishing. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
    • The Angler's Lounge Anglers Lounge is an online community for anglers of all kinds who share a passion for fishing, from big-game saltwater fishing to the smaller-sized but equally enjoyable freshwater fishing.

    Boating Directories

    • YachtWorld Browse a large selection of new and used boats for sale. Check back often for reduced prices!
    • Top Boating Links List your boat for sale or browse their listings. Also information on other boating services.
    • MA Fishing Charters: MA Fishing Charters - Fishing Charters in Massachusetts and much more at the Saltwater Fishing Directory

    Visiting Cape Cod

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